A virtual global marketplace where clients and surveyors meet up. Search-and-instruct via the SYVR digital platform.

SYVR – Surveys made easy!

SYVR benefits insurance companies, insurance brokers, shipowners and surveyors. Welcome to SYVR on Demand!

SYVR addresses the need for marine surveying globally. SYVR simplifies the end-to-end Search-and-Instruct phase, which means faster and better service for the insurance companies and brokers.

SYVR is based on crowdsourcing and ‘gig economy’ principles, and SYVR will be the leader of a digitalization and re-organisation of a market and service that is currently very much analogue.

On Your Mark!

The future in marine surveyor Search-and-instruct is here in a convenient, cost reducing and time-saving platform.

​First-of-its-kind open platform for your Search-and-Instruct of your next marine surveyor. SYVR makes it easy to create a new survey, search for available and experienced  surveyors near the survey location, calculate your costs and hire the best surveyor for the job.

After hiring you are able to keep track on the job status, reporting and invoicing and when the job is done you can help others to know about your experience by rating the surveyor.


Q&As about SYVR on Demand!

​This is how you benefit from SYVR


How can a surveyor be requested?

A surveyor can easily be requested through the SYVR platform based on capabilities, experience, availability and distance to the survey.


Where are your surveyors located?

SYVR is a global platform and survey companies and independent surveyors all over the globe has already registered and are available for new instructions.


Can anyone register with SYVR?

SYVR is a global marine expert community open for all surveyors. SYVR makes compliance checks and surveyor verifications before they are approved for surveys.


Is this replacing my normal sales efforts?

No! SYVR is an additional sales channel which can help surveyors to gain access to insurance markets worldwide.


Is SYVR an employer?

No – SVYR is a global Expert Community. Surveyors will remain independent and responsible for their surveys. SYVR is merely an intermediary platform providing the global virtual marketplace.


What's the price for joining?

We forgot to mention it’s FREE to register and be on our platform. We only make money when surveys are completed and client pays, through a so-called transaction fee.

Get started today!

And save time, regardless of whether you’re the client or the surveyor.

A global surveyor marketplace
– pocket size!

The future for the marine surveying industry is also developed for your phone!

Even though the system is complex and our database hold enormous amount of information about every surveyor capabilities, availability, location, invoices and much more we managed to make it mobile friendly and put it on App Store and Google Play. You can download our apps for free and use it on the run if you want.

The apps are always 100% in sync with the website as long you are connected to the internet.

Where can I download the App?

Google play

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